Factors to Consider Before Adopting a Newspaper CMS

Adopting a newspaper content management system (CMS) is a perfect move if you intend to remain relevant in this digital age. However, you have to factor a few things when adopting a content management system. Failure to do this may lead you to making costly mistakes, which will not only affect the publisher but also your target audience. That said, here are a few features to consider before choosing CMS for media companies.


Certain content management systems are ideal for weekly and small newspapers and others for largeĀ content tilesnewspapers. Scalability should be a point of concern if you are dealing with large online newspapers or in case you are planning to expand your business. Failing to adopt a CMS that can handle substantial content may result in loss especially when dealing with breaking news. That said, you have to factor this aspect if you want to get the best out of the system of choice.


You also have to factor in the ease of using a CMS of choice. Ideally, open source CMS are easy to implement. This makes them perfect for posting weekly and small daily news. On the other hand, if you employ this system when dealing with large newspapers, you may have to get your system customized. More to this, you have to get professionals to help you manage the system.


Open-source CMS are free. As a result, you are not likely to enjoy warranties and voluntary community support. If you are handling a small newspaper site, you may probably go for this system. On the other hand, if you consider this hectic or you handle large newspaper sites, it is prudent to opt for a system that will offer you the support you require even if you will have to pay a considerable service fee.


content developerAt some point, you might be required to change your CMS. As such, you have to ask yourself if the current system will conveniently allow you transfer content to the new CMS. If this is possible,then, this is a great idea. As a tip, you should avoid settling for a CMS system that makes it hard to shift to another system or even one that limits your ability to transfer specific information.


The system of choice should adopt the latest technological advancements. Additionally, your CMS developer should have a future upgrading plan in place. This is vital if you want to enjoy quality newspaper publishing features in days to come.